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Chemundo  -  Basic Version

The object of this version is to be the first to get out. The game is then over.
Chemundo can be played by using the inorganic chemistry (IC) deck and for the organic chemistry (OC) deck. Two to five players can play the game.
21 action cards add to fun, excitement and dynamics.
The most important hazard symbols for chemical compounds are depicted. One of their functions 
is to change ´COLOR´. COLOR for the Chemundo game means the chemical class of compounds. 
And color change means to change e.g. from alcohols to aldehyds - or to hinder co-players from discarding their cards.

When discarding a card, the respective player has to correctly name the chemical compound displayed on the card - e.g. " I change to alkanes". So, avoid speaking of ´blue-cards´.
For a detailed description of rules of the game, click free downloads to find illustrated pdf-files.

How to discard cards ? Examples:

How to discard:

 3 options

 Discarding cards of the
 same homologous family
 - here 
 methanol (an alkanol 
 also called an aliphatic 
 alcohol) onto  ethanol.

 Discarding another C2 
 organic compound card 
 - here 
 ethanal (an aliphatic 
 aldehyd) onto ethanol.


or 3).

 A player discards 
 this +2 action card 
 and says:
 "harmfull and I´d  like 
 to change to calcium 
 salts" ...(color change)