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Chemundo Cards & Chemistry

What can we learn by playing Chemundo ?

  • The basics of inorganic chemistry (IC); the names of important chemical elements, their symbols, the names of chemical components, the composition of salts, of ions and their nomenclature.

  • Formulas of acids and bases, the valence of ions, and as well as stochiometry. With the OC-deck of cards, Chemundo invites us to learn the basics of organic chemistry (OC) when collecting homologous sets or sequences; the nomenclature, molecular structure and formulae in 2- or 3D representation; functional groups (substituents), hazard symbols and other interesting features of organic chemistry. Chemundo has four types of cards: namely IC-cards, OC-cards, action cards, and jokers.


    Card with an
    inorganic compound,
    sodium chloride
    Card with an
    organic compound,
    Action card with a
    hazard symbol
    (safety warning sign)
    here Xn = Harmfull