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`Learning by playing´ is the motto of CHEMUNDO. In May 2003, this card game from the fascinating world of chemistry was introduced on the occasion of the `Year of Chemistry´ in Germany at the 27th International Exhibition Congress ACHEMA in Frankfurt, Germany.
CHEMUNDO is a card game all about chemistry with 110 playing cards for 2-6 players, ages ~12 to ~92. The booklet (24 pages outlines), explain in both English and German the rules of the game and the chemistry involved.
The intent and explicit goal of CHEMUNDO is to familiarize players with the basics of inorganic and organic chemistry in a playful way; that is with all the fun, excitement, and group dynamics that only a card game can offer. (-> Cards & Chemistry).
The game as such is comparable to that of other traditional card games, like Rummy, Joker and Mao:
Collecting cards in a goal-oriented way and to discard them quickly.
CHEMUNDO Poker is played the same way as classical poker.
There are three worked-out versions of the game:namely:
CHEMUNDO Basic version, CHEMUNDO Rummy, and CHEMUNDO Poker.
All of which will be presented and outlined subsequently.